What I Do

A Website Developer

I am a website developer by an ‘accident’. Back on my college days in 2004, my best friend offered me to build an e-commerce website. At that days, I can say that I didn’t know about website developing, and I never interested on doing it. But now, I can say that I am quite handy on it. I specialize myself on building custom website, although many developers switch to template website that offers instantly built website and cheaper cost. But I am sure that there are many factors to make website that can’t be reached by instant website (or template website). They are design and originality.

A template website can’t have customized design which is the most important factor of website. Websites must have design that make visitor to be interested. The design must also capable enough to make sure that the user (or the customer) stay long enough to see and read what they offer to them. Also, a website must be original. The design must cope with the products or information they offer.
That’s why I believe a customized website is still needed and the right answer for people who want to be seriously have website. If you only want to try, maybe a template (or instant) website is enough for you. But if you want to have a professional and reliable website, you must have your originality carved on it through ‘your-own-design’ and ‘your-own-feature’, two things that seriously can’t be offered by an instant website.

If you are looking to build a website, I offer you a customized built website that have two main strength of a template (or instant) website. It is the speed and the cost factor. The website I made always built for less than a month, with a very reasonable and interesting price. You can visit my company portfolio for further info.